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In the bustling cities and serene suburbs of New Jersey, maintaining pest-free living and working spaces is paramount. Dog Team 6, our K-9 detection service team, offers a unique and highly effective solution for bed bug detection for residences and businesses.

If you’re worried you have bed bugs or simply want to ensure you’re getting annual inspections as a preventative measure, a K-9 detection service is the answer. Read on to find out why K-9s are so effective and what you can expect when we visit.

Why Are K-9s So Effective in Bed Bug Detection?

A dog’s nose is a marvel of nature, capable of detecting the faintest scents. With the ability to sniff out up to 250 scents per minute, dogs become invaluable in identifying bed bugs, a common yet elusive pest in New Jersey and around the world.

Dog Team 6 employs a method called imprinting, exposing dogs like Rip (German Shepherd) and Honey (Belgian Malinois), to the scent of real bed bugs in their training. This training teaches them to detect bed bugs in areas invisible to the human eye, providing a crucial edge in early detection and prevention.

Studies, such as those conducted by the University of Florida and Rutgers University, underscore the efficacy of bed bug detection dogs. These canine heroes can discern bed bugs from other pests and pinpoint their exact location, boasting an impressive 95% to 98% accuracy rate, far surpassing that of human technicians, who can only work with what they see.

What to Expect from Your K-9 Detection Service in New Jersey

When you choose Dog Team 6’s services in New Jersey, you’re not just getting a routine inspection; you’re employing a scientifically proven, highly efficient method of pest detection. Our dogs are trained specifically to recognize bed bug pheromones, enabling them to locate infestations in their earliest stages, often hidden behind walls or in furniture.

During a typical inspection, our dogs will meticulously search your property, be it a hotel, assisted living facility, or residential home. Their ability to inspect even large facilities in a single day with 95% accuracy means you can move forward with treatment, when necessary, as soon as possible.

Upon detecting bed bugs, our dogs signal their handlers, allowing us to identify and document the affected areas. This precision detection not only ensures comprehensive treatment but also leads to significant cost savings by avoiding unnecessary treatments in unaffected areas.

K-9 Bed Bug Detection in New Jersey

Are you facing potential bed bug issues in New Jersey? Or have you recently had a treatment you want to be sure was effective? Don’t let these pests disrupt your peace of mind. Our certified canine team, with their unmatched accuracy and efficiency, will ensure that your living or commercial space is thoroughly inspected, saving you time and money, and giving you certainty. Let Rip and Honey, guide you to a pest-free environment. Book our K-9 detection service now and get the peace of mind you’re looking for.

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