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The resurgence of bed bugs in New Jersey has been a growing concern for both residents and businesses alike. These tiny, elusive pests have made headlines, infesting everything from homes and hotels to public transportation. At Dog Team 6, we specialize in K9 bed bug detection services, offering a proactive solution for early identification of infestations. We know that staying vigilant and detecting bed bugs early is of the utmost importance, and so we’ve compiled all of the recent news about bed bugs in New Jersey so you know what’s happening in our state.

Recent News on Bed Bugs in New Jersey

The Resurgence in Public Spaces and Travel

Bedbugs Making a Comeback in Travel and Hospitality (February 9, 2024): A resurgence of bedbugs in hotels and public transportation has been reported, coinciding with increased travel post-pandemic. New Jersey finds itself particularly vulnerable due to its proximity to New York and Philadelphia, two major cities identified as bed bug hotspots – often appearing as number 2 and 3 on most-infested cities lists, only outdone by Chicago. This situation underscores the importance of regular bed bug detection services, especially in the hospitality industry, to safeguard reputations and ensure guest safety. Read more here.

Air India Flights from New Jersey “Infested” with Bed Bugs (July 22, 2018): Multiple passengers on Air India flights from Newark Liberty International Airport reported encounters with bed bugs, raising concerns about infestations on even premium forms of transportation. One of the passengers on these flights was disgusted by the bugs they found on their seats in business class. Read more here.

Residential Challenges and Legal Actions

Newton Senior Housing Residents Face Bed Bugs and Mold (February 24, 2022): Residents of a senior housing project in Newton reported issues with bed bugs and mold, impacting their quality of life. This case illustrates the broader implications of pest infestations in multi-unit dwellings and the necessity for effective management and regular inspections. Read more here.

Honeymoon Ruined by Bed Bugs at Somerset County Hotel (September 10, 2023): A newlywed couple’s experience at a Somerset County hotel was marred by a bed bug infestation, leading to a lawsuit. This incident serves as a cautionary tale for the hospitality industry, highlighting the potential financial and reputational risks posed by bed bug infestations. Read more here.

Research and Development

Study Examines Bed Bug Infestations in Low-Income Apartments (April 5, 2016): Research conducted on over 2,300 low-income apartments in New Jersey found a 12 percent infestation rate, pointing to the challenges in detecting and managing bed bugs. They also found that apartment buildings that reported high infestation rates reported higher resident turnover, and that 50 percent of those with bed bugs didn’t know they had them. That means that landlords and business owners cannot rely on reports to ensure their buildings stay bed-bug free. Read more about the study’s findings here..

Bed Bugs Develop Resistance to Widely Used Insecticides (January 28, 2016): A concerning development in the fight against bed bugs is their growing resistance to neonicotinoids, the most widely used insecticides. This resistance highlights the importance of exploring non-chemical control methods, including heat treatment and canine detection, as part of an integrated pest management strategy. Read more here.

Take Action: Early Detection for a Bed Bug-Free Environment

The increasing bed bug incidents in New Jersey highlight the critical need for early detection and proactive management. Dog Team 6 offers specialized K9 bed bug detection services, providing a discreet and efficient solution for businesses and homeowners alike. Our trained dogs can detect the presence of bed bugs early, allowing for timely intervention and significantly reducing the cost and complexity of treatments.

If you’re concerned about potential bed bug infestations in your property, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us at Dog Team 6 to find out if bed bugs are present, and take the first step towards a pest-free environment. Our cost-effective and discreet services are your best defense against the spread of bed bugs, ensuring peace of mind for you, your family, or your customers.

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