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Home K9 Scent Detection

Are you a homeowner in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania and have bed bugs?

Since you found this page, you likely do. Don’t worry!

You’ve taken the first steps towards neutralizing the infestation since we provide residential bed bug dog services in Central Jersey and if you are someone with an infestation right now please call us at (201) 874-1816!

Our residential bed bug dog services provide the same discreteness as our commercial services, so we can make it look like it’s just a friend visiting with a dog!

Dogs make it much easier to track down and eliminate the bed bug threat terrorizing your home. All of our dogs have the highest training for pest detection and pest control procedures.

With our dogs and our experience, we provide the best residential bed bug dog services in Central Jersey.

Eliminate the guesswork and only treat where needed

Our Canines will pinpoint problem areas for treatment which results in less chemical application and less cost to the customer. Canine detection is quick, discrete and accurate.

Studies have shown that a certified bed bug dog team can detect the scent of live bed bugs’ eggs with an accuracy of 98%. Human technicians, however, only have an accuracy of around 20%. This results in you saving money, as it helps guide the exterminator you hire to the exact location that needs to be treated instead of them treating areas that might not need it.

We will leave you with a certified report showing where the infestation is to direct the extermination.

Let us help you save money!

Residential Bed Bug Services

  • Do you have friends and family?
  • Do you have kids?
  • Do you have parents?

If you said “yes” to anything, then we know what you are going through, because we do, too!

We not only understand it, but we also experience it every day when servicing residential homes.

In fact, it’s how we got off the ground. We started local, in neighborhoods we wanted to help, and moved up from there. Whatever the infestation looks like, we can conquer it together with your help.

As mentioned, our dogs are fast, efficient, accurate, precise, and discrete! They can usually sniff out a room in 2 to 3 minutes, making most houses quickly inspected in under an hour, and with up to 98% accuracy.

The best way to deal with bed bugs is to ruthlessly hunt them down so call us for a free phone consultation and get our K9s ready to inspect each room and end your infestation nightmare. Contact us now at (201) 874-1816!

Contact Our K9 Scent Detection Specialists Today
Discrete and accurate Bed Bug Detection (201) 874-1816
Servicing New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania

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    Dog Team 6 Bed Bug Dogs New Jersey
    Our Promise To You

    We aim to serve our clients with the best means and methods in the Bed Bug detection community. Our Bed Bug Dogs go through an intensive training program with their handlers. Dog Team Six only uses real Bed Bugs in our training whereas our competitors use pseudo-fake odors and scents to train their dogs. At Dog Team Six, we bring professionalism and integrity to every job! Call (201) 874-1816 to speak to a representative today.

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