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Commercial K9 Scent Detection

Are you here because of bed bugs and do you own a property or business in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania? Chances are – yes if you found this page.

Don’t worry, we provide commercial bed bug dog services in Central Jersey, and if you are worried about infestations, please call us now at (201) 874-1816!

Our commercial bed bug dog services are discrete, we don’t attract attention, and can even come in off hours so it looks like it’s just a friend visiting with a dog!

Our dogs are precise and accurate when it comes to detecting bed bugs and their eggs. All of our dogs have the highest training for pest detection and pest control procedures, making us the best provider of commercial bed bug dog services in Central Jersey.

Best NJ Bed Bug Dog

Commercial Bed Bug Services

Of course, you want the bed bug infestation over with as soon as possible. That’s why we use dogs!

Our dogs are fast, efficient, accurate, precise, and discrete! It makes it easy to visit your business or commercial property and sniff out the problem quickly. This helps you save money, as the exterminator you hire knows exactly where to treat the infestation instead of treating locations that might not require it.

We will also work with any employees you have to ensure their homes have not been caught up in the infestation, or are the source. It’s imperative to clean their homes, and yours, as well as the business because the infestation can begin again if it is not completely squashed out.

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine who actually brought the bed bugs to your property in the first place. Bed bugs do not discriminate, they like any and every human if they can get their hands on them. If you have an employee or customer, you and everyone else are susceptible to bed bugs.

Therefore, the best way to deal with bed bugs is to ruthlessly hunt them down.

We provide free phone consultations and K9s can inspect a room in 2 to 3 minutes, contact us now at (201) 874-1816 to end your infestation!

We will certify your facilities are free of bed bugs

We have developed a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly inspection service program to keep your facility free of bed bugs!

Protect your facility

  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Schools & Day Care Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • College Dorms
  • Hospitals
  • Public Transportation
Commercial K9 Scent Detection Specialists
Discrete and accurate Bed Bug Detection (201) 874-1816
Servicing New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania

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    Dog Team 6 Bed Bug Dogs New Jersey
    Our Promise To You

    We aim to serve our clients with the best means and methods in the Bed Bug detection community. Our Bed Bug Dogs go through an intensive training program with their handlers. Dog Team Six only uses real Bed Bugs in our training whereas our competitors use pseudo-fake odors and scents to train their dogs. At Dog Team Six, we bring professionalism and integrity to every job! Call (201) 874-1816 to speak to a representative today.

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