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NJ Bed Bug Scent Dog Dog Team Six

Bed bugs are always a stressful situation. The easiest way to get through the process of dealing with bed bugs is to prepare as much as possible to exterminate them efficiently. Luckily, a bed bug detection dog visit will make finding them, all of them, much more effective and easy compared to a human inspector. Here’s how you can prepare for such an inspection.

Remove Possible Distractions

One of the most important things to do to be prepared for a bed bug detection dog visit is to remove distractions. Anything that could distract the bed bug detection dog should be removed, especially pets. If you have a dog, have someone take care of them for the time of the inspection. Maybe have them bring the dog on a long walk. Also, keep cats and other distracting animals out of the house so the dog can find your problem without any problems. Other distracting items to remove include fans, air conditioning units, air purifiers, etc.

Reduce Odors

As you’ve noticed, sound and scent are the largest distractions for a bed bug detection dog. That means that anything with a scent on it should be cleaned up thoroughly before the inspection. For example, if you have any piles of clothes, those should be out of the way. You should try not to cook anything that will leave a strong, lingering smell in the air before an inspection. Bacon, for example, is a bad idea. Chemical pesticides should not be used, and if they were, means you need to wait up to 30 days before having the bed bug dog inspection. Otherwise, the dog will have trouble finding bed bugs through the masked smell.

Provide Access

Lastly, you need to prepare your house to provide access to the dog. What that means is in every hard-to-get-to corner, it should be easier to get to. Crevices and corners are where bed bugs often hide, so it’s critical to let the dog have access to these areas. Don’t forget to leave any used luggage or travel bags out and open for an inspection. Often, it is these items that have provided safe harbor for your home intruders. So now that you’re prepared for a bed bug detection dog visit, if you need one, please call us at 201-874-1816.

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