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Best NJ Bed Bug Sniffing Dog

You want the best bed bug exterminator. If you settle for anything less, you may have to spend more than another night with your very unwelcome intruders.

That’s why choosing the right bed bug exterminator is extremely important in the bed bug removal process.

As a bed bug detection expert, we can provide you with the best way to sniff out the best exterminator for you.

Before we dive deeper, know that bed bug extermination is not something you should try to do yourself. More likely than not, it will make everything worse for you. So just choose the best option for yourself, and find the best bed bug exterminator now.

Types of Bed Bug Extermination Services Provided

Firstly, for any exterminator you come across, check the types of services they provide.

If they don’t have any bed bug extermination services that you are comfortable with, then it’s best to move on to another one. We mention this because one exterminator may use harsh chemicals that may not be the safest, greenest, or most expedient option available.

There are a couple of common types of extermination treatments:

  • Freezing with High Powered Steam
  • Thermal Treatment
  • Chemical Spray

For most, thermal treatment will be your best option if it is available. Thermal treatment is when an exterminator uses specialized heaters to raise the temperature above 113 degrees for longer than an hour and a half since bed bugs will die from the heat after that point.

It’s currently the most effective and safest extermination method.

Exterminator Business Checks

Naturally, once you find an exterminator you are comfortable with, it’s time to run some checks on their business.

Some examples of checks for you to look for before starting business with any bed bug exterminator include:

  • Licensed by the local Office of Pest Management
  • BBB Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Any other certifications
  • Insurances
  • Flexible with your schedule
  • Level of discreteness

Still unsure how to figure out the best bed bug exterminator? Why not just ask us? It will vary person-to-person, but we’re happy to help!

Need Help Detecting Bed Bugs?

We specialize in bed bug detection – with dogs! Our dogs are efficient and accurate. They can usually sniff out a room in 2 to 3 minutes!

Contact us now at 201-874-1816 to help identify the location of the intrusion and assist by recommending the right bed bug exterminator for you!

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